Managed BIM Libraries

In brief

Publish your building construction solutions directly into the world leading CAD systems and address directly to your potential customers. Reach your market segment of planners, house builders and investors.

Key features

  • Native BIM object libraries for ArchiCAD® from Graphisoft®
  • Native import of BIM properties into base elements like walls, slabs and ceilings as well as flat and sloped roofs from Autodesk's® Revit®
  • All libraries get 100% created and managed using ExtendedPIM and the BIM Manager
  • Customizable property set to guarantee an optimized and flexible data transfer from ExtendedPIM into ArchiCAD® and Revit®
  • Automatic online version control and update feature for all Managed BIM libraries

In detail

A Managed BIM Library is the modern way of product, solution and brand communication which successful architects and planners expect nowadays. As a thrilling result of a sustainable product data management combined with an efficient and flexible solution administration it is the self-evident and consequentially final step on your way to powerful added values for your present and future clients. With Managed BIM Libraries you turn the spot onto your products and solutions as well as onto your entire brand and company. And this significantly lightens completely new tools of your customer’s workflow: The CAD and BIM tools.

Be part of the game - From the early beginning on

Since the process of BIM opens the chance to share and transfer digital building information at any time of the planning and construction process among any of its participants it opens the option to your products, solutions and brands to be part of this process right from the early stage on. The better your communication tools are fitting into the workflow of your clients the more often you will be part of their BIM processes. Not to mention that a Managed BIM Library as part of the BIM & More product family ensures that your products, solutions and brands fit perfectly into the digital workflow of your customers. It is the foundation of your BIM strategy.

BIM objects - The native format for ArchiCAD®

A Managed BIM Library offers in each case the best format either for ArchiCAD® or for Revit®. The key is native content. For ArchiCAD® a Managed BIM Library offers an endless number of native ArchiCAD® BIM objects with build-up solutions for external and internal walls, floor slabs and ceilings as well as for flat roofs and sloped roofs. For each of those categories an extraordinary coded BIM object master file is shipped. By linking a BIM master file to a BIM property file, which was exported before from the BIM & More BIM Manager, an individual native ArchiCAD® BIM object is created. A new member of your Managed BIM Library.

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BIM importers - The native format for Revit®

In Revit® the method is different: For each of the building components - walls, slabs/ceilings and roofs - individually developed add-ons import the content of BIM property files, created before using the BIM & More BIM Manager, directly into the related base element of Revit®. This way your products, solutions and brands are directly integrated into a Revit® project file and can be distributed and shared, just sharing the Revit® project file itself. No further files or elements need to be shared or sent. All your product, solution and brand information is integrated into the project. From the early stages on.

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BIM object #01

Isover Saint-Gobain

BIM object #02

Isover Saint-Gobain

BIM object #03

Isover Saint-Gobain

BIM object #04

Isover Saint-Gobain

BIM object #05

Isover Saint-Gobain

BIM object #06

Isover Saint-Gobain

BIM object #07

Isover Saint-Gobain


BIM & More Tutorial - Part 9: Managed BIM Libraries

This use case video shows a Managed BIM Library from the Saint-Gobain Delegation in Germany. The library consists out of 46 different build-up solutions for walls, floor slabs, ceilings, flat roofs and slopped roof. Additionally features like U-value calculation; third party certification proofs etc. are included. 

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