In brief

Edit building construction products and items in a modern way. With PIMplus you collect all kinds of product information on one single place while you grant access to the data to admins and users in a task optimized way.

Key features

  • Manually (web form based), semi-automated (Bulk import) or automated (import interface) product data import from other PIM systems, SAP solutions or other data sources
  • Individual workflow setup with different user roles and access levels for internal and external users
  • Individual property set management for each product, item and spare part
  • Flexible file attachment management for each product, item and spare part
  • Flexible export interfaces to feed websites, data sheets and PDF catalogues etc

In detail

PIMplus is the solid foundation of the BIM & More product family. It structures all your building construction products, items and spare parts in an awesome way. Intuitively easy to handle and manipulate. Import and manage your product, item and spare part data. Upload external files like images or PDFs to each of your products, items and spare parts. Add web links, enter text and other information in all formats and kinds. Once entered, use this data to create customized PDFs like product data sheets or product leaflets, grant access to image libraries to other internal or external users, feed your website with this product information and so on. All uses are possible. How to use it is up to you!

Data input - Manual, semi-automatic or automatic

The modern and flexible PIMplus system is 100% flexible and can handle any kind of data import and export. Either self-triggered import and export from other PIM systems, SAP software solutions, other ERP software packages or manually executed import from those external solutions, everything is possible with PIMplus. The flexible software core and the database guarantee all kinds of data exchange in a modern customizable way. In case there is no external data source available, PIMplus offers the chance to use a Bulk import feature as well. This feature imports data from Excel Spreadsheets by a single mouse click within seconds. Additionally all imported data can be controlled, edited and managed by the integrated web forms. Not to mention that these web forms are the way to enter data into PIMplus manually. At any time - at any place.

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Administrators and user roles - Workflow definitions

The flexible, easy-to-use and endlessly scalable user role management is the way to the best structured workflows. Customized user roles with individual access levels can be attached to endless users and admins. No matter if entity or branch related, internal or external access, for each access level a certain user role is available. And all managed by the user management features. Check the user roles for each user at a glance and change them by one single click. User management has never been easier.

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Output - That’s what you get out of it!

Once your data is well structured imported, the usage of PIMplus is endless. Create PDFs like product data sheets, product performance sheets, grant access to your external ad agency and let them download product pictures and more, fill product leaflets, product catalogues or price lists on your own or feed your website with up to date product information. No matter what tasks you want PIMplus to execute for you, each service will be individually tailored for your demands. This is modern product management.

Look & Feel - What it looks like

As all other products from the BIM & More product family, PIMplus are fully flexible in its visual appearance. Not to mention that all output formats become visually adapted to your corporate identity and the PIMplus admin panel will be optimized to fit 100% your individual look & feel.

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Specific data tab


Technical data tab


Article tab


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PDF Options


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BIM & More Tutorial - Part 1: Basic PIMplus features

This user case video shows some typical PIMplus features like configuring and creating product data sheets and product performance sheets by just a few mouse clicks. See how product data and product attributes can be automatically transferred to other web resources like company websites etc.


BIM & More Tutorial - Part 2: Manual data input in product category "Insulation"

This showcase video shows the manual data entry process for one of the standard product categories called "insulation". See how quickly and easily structured product data can be created to reuse it in countless variations. As this process is exactly the same in PIMplus and ExtendedPIM, the video was recorded from a standard ExtendedPIM installation.


BIM & More Tutorial - Part 3: Manual data input in product category "Plasterboards"

Here you can see the manual data entry process for the standard product category called "plasterboards". This showcase video shows also how to enter related product items and articles into the system. As this process is exactly the same in PIMplus and ExtendedPIM, the video was recorded from a standard ExtendedPIM installation.

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