Working on the edge of IT and CAD/CAAD/BIM technology is our passion. Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, we love to transform our customer's demands and wishes into unexpected powerful data management systems - "Wow" effect included...

To do so, we merge our more than 25 years of experience in the fields of IT and CAD/CAAD/BIM together with our close customer relations into sophisticated modern and progressive solutions. All spiced with our international but personal team character.

Silvia and Matthias are the leading team in Vienna, Austria. Both form honest customer relationships and professional project management by organising meetings and informational get-togethers all over Europe. In-between the meetings, project management based on modern tools, takes place. All of this is in order to provide high end data management solutions to you - our customer. Ivan as a CTO and lead senior IT developer is managing cultured coding and professional IT productions.

In Sofia, Bulgaria under the roof of our fully-owned subsidiary Next IT Services Ltd., all kind of IT production, including design and CAD/CAAD/BIM tasks, are undertaken with the support of Veselin, who is the local CEO. All extraordinarily well formed and designed by Vladimir, our lead interface and graphic designer. Taner is the leading software developer, managing all team developers and making a professional programming himself. Responsibility in CAD/CAAD but also in building construction engineering and building physics is assumed by Veselin, who is our architect and passive house certified designer. Software development is executed by our programming team, consisting of Dobromir, Borislav, Alex Tomko, Krasimira and Mario, who master a variety of programming skills and knowledge. The BIM Architects' team is guided by Georgi, Denitsa and Antoaneta - architects who master the creation of various BIM objects and BIM families, covering the skills in the main CAD architectural softwares. The latest team, related to creation of Virtual reality, consists of Venelin and Adrian who master Unity 3D and is guided by Alex Novakov - a qualified product designer.


"Once experienced, you will never want to miss the power of this team."